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No other event brings together such a diverse group of family and friends like a wedding does.

Music is intertwined throughout your entire day. From the time guests arrive for the ceremony, to that breath taking moment when the bride prepares to walk down the aisle, throughout Cocktails and Dinner, to the last dance of a magical day. For many, the culmination of a great day is a great party and dance! You need the right person to MC and DJ your dance to ensure the right blend of music, timing and volume creates a great night of dancing and fun for everyone.

Your wedding deserves the best professional, quality service possible, wouldn't you agree? Many couples have put their trust in us. We can accommodate any size wedding and venue with the appropriate DJ equipment, DJ music and options that will truly make your day memorable

After you look through our information, book a "No Obligation" appointment to meet with us. We'll discuss your plans and you can decide first hand if we are the right dj choice for your big day!  


  1. Do you provide a written contract or letter to confirm my booking?
    Yes we do. You will receive our confirmation letter outlining the details of your function's particulars and the deposit required to confirm your date.
  2. Will you meet with us prior to booking your services?
    Absolutely! It is very important to us that you meet with us prior to booking. It is part of our 3 step consultation service we provide all our customers.
  3. Do you have backup equipment?
    We provide backup equipment on site for every job we do.
  4. Once the dance has begun, do you coordinate the event and make announcements?
    Most certainly. It is one reason we take extra time to gather information prior to your function. Once the dance begins, we want you to have a great time with your friends and guests.
  5. Do you play requests?
    We love requests and do our best to play all suitable requests at every function while keeping within the overall guidelines discussed prior to your function. Request cards will be placed on every table.
  6. Do you interact with the crowd or just sit behind your equipment?
    Interacting with guests at a party is the best part of the service we provide. You will find our setups make it easy for guests to see us and approach us during the function.
  7. Can we select the music to be played at our function?
    We welcome your input on the types of music you think you and your guests will enjoy at your function. Of course, specific songs with special meaning or purpose will always be included in your evening of music and entertainment. The final decision on what to play at your function so the greatest number of people enjoy themselves is in our hands. It's what you hired us to do!
  8. What is your attire for the function?
    We always dress appropriately for the function we are doing. Formal events are shirt, tie, jacket, & dress pants or tuxedo where required.
  9. What about the volume of the music?
    Volume is not just about how loud or quiet the music is. It also encompasses proper setup. This is why we do presets and sound checks for every job we do!
  10. Do you pre-program the music before the function date?
    NO! We certainly get information about your function ahead of time to plan with, but it is very important that we fit the music to the event and the people who are in attendance. This can only be done as the event progresses and we can judge what music works best for your function.